Roulette: Rules commentary and how to play Referred to as the “Queen of the Casino”, name recognition is high roulette at roulette “Dragon Quest of roulette” and “Russian roulette”, “chat roulette” and the like that have been loved by many players in the casinos around the world, that I went to the casino about it is not people who do not know even if there is no famous game.

And most famous casino game roulette from the simple game of, is best suited as a table game casino beginner for the first time play.

While a simple game of features, roulette players have a specificity that choose any dividends can be said to be very effective games in the casino cheats.

In order to enjoy the roulette How to play itself is fairly simple roulette, but play procedures and your favorite betting at online casinos, betting point and about its dividend Remember neatly. In particular, to remember their favorite spot in the arrangement of Lou (disc), the pleasure at the time of the play to remember the number of the points that is adjacent to the spot it will be much different. Since the good order of a few places we also recommend to remember them.

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Charm of roulette Roulette of appeal is that what there is a wide range of dividend to a high dividend of up to 36 times with a simple game to say. Moreover, the player or aim which dividends can be determined by any.

Rules can be played also immediately a beginner in a very simple

While a game to choose a payout own player is obtained, dividend species is also very wide range of up to 36 times from 2 times. Deliberately long shot aim is one of the few games.

If you remember the layout of the wheel, it can be pounding not enter the ball into the betting point!

Advanced users can enjoy to create edit your favorite betting layout!

While a simple game of, or can high dividend aim and your favorite betting layout of the inside bet, remember the placement of the wheel with or be pounding in the “fall!”, “Do not fall!” At the time of the play, in fact profound game of the can’s the roulette.

Practice in the roulette of play free roulette game Or roulette of online casinos that such look like, please try to practice in the following “free roulette game.”

Even though solely roulette, there are various types, Lou deployment and dividends is different. In particular, European roulette and American roulette, because of the French roulette difference is closely related to the payout, let’s remember always. ( Next section reference )

The other to be different in each of the difference also disposed of the roulette of each number, let’s remember well whether the placement of their favorite roulette has become how to.

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Roulette betting type and dividend There is no such thing as tips to roulette willy-nilly. However, it will not be able to and you do not remember the point and dividends on it should bet get a deliberate victory.

Inside bets 1 second bet (Straight up: Straight Up)

Dividends on how to bet on one of the 1 to 36, including 36 times 0 002 second bet (Split: Split)

Dividends on how layout bet on two of the 18 times 0 00, including 1 to 36, put the chip in adjacent numbers.3 second bet (Street: Street)

Dividend on how chip bet on a horizontal row of the 12 times 1 to 36 (three) puts to the left or right edge. It may also be placed in three locations, including the 0 and 00 as 0 1 2.4 th bet (corner: Corner)

Dividends on how to bet on four that are adjacent to the 9-fold layout5 th bet (Fast Five: First Five)

Dividend is 7 times 0 00 1 2 this betting method of betting on five locations of the 3 only low dividend rate, you bet who should be avoided absolutely.6 th bet (chic way: Six Way)

Dividends on how to bet on six times two rows (six)

Out side bet One column bet (column: Column)

Dividends on how to bet on a vertical column on the three-fold layout (place 12)

Dozen bet (Dozen: Dozen)

Dividend is three times the first dozen (1 to 12), second dozen (13 to 24), how to bet on either of the third dozen (25-36)

The first half of the second half of the bet (Hi-Lo: Hi Low)

Dividends on how bet to double from 1 to 18 or 19-36

Odd even bet (odd-even: Odd Even)

Dividends on how to bet twice odd number (Odd) or even (Even)

Red-and-black bet (Red Black: Red Black)

Dividends on how to bet on double red (Red) Kaguro (Black)